Private School in Wilmington, NC

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About Us

Students playing outside at a private school in Wilmington, NC

Balanced Education Experience

Education involves more than just bookwork.  It encompasses physical fun, character development, social interaction, spiritual growth, as well, as academic excellence.  Students need to want to come to school, in order, to be able to grow in all these areas.  We make school more enjoyable, less stressful, and goals a lot more achievable.


Hands-On Curriculum

The focus in not on how great the teacher is teaching.  Instead, we ask the question, "How much is the student learning?"  You con't give students 2 to 3 hours of homework after spending 7 hours in the classroom and expect them to want to learn.  Instead, we do all the homework in class.  We provide one-on-one personal help during the time in the classroom doing their homework.  The curriculum meets and exceeds state standards and national standards, but the focus is on learning not teaching.


Fun Fieldtrips and Daily Breaks

We provide our students with fun fieldtrips, such as DefyGravity, Fort Fisher Aquarium, Moore's Creek, and so much more.  We want our students to study hard, but have fun also.  All students get old-fashion break times to get outside and play basketball or just hangout with friends.  It brings joy to our hearts to hear the students laugh as they enjoy their day at Pathways.